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Genetic/Fetal Indication Program

"Last week my husband and I made the painstaking decision to come to your office for a second trimester D&E. We were only just recently informed that our baby girl had anencephaly and had no chance of survival. As you can imagine this was deeply emotional, shocking and extremely painful for us. I felt confused, afraid and totally devastated by our loss. I had no idea what to expect while at your office.

The reason for writing is to commend each and every one of you for your professionalism, compassion and genuine concern for both husband and myself. We have never visited a healthcare facility of any kind, where each person treated us so respectfully. We never wanted to be faced with such a painful decision but are thankful that your staff made us to feel comfortable and safe. Thank you for not forgetting the human element in what you do. And thank you for treating us with compassion and respect.

Please pray for as we try to conceive a healthy baby again soon."
-- Patient Comment

Your physician or genetic counselor has referred you to the Pregnancy Consultation Center and Medical Group of Sacramento, Inc., because they have informed you of an abnormal AFP test, abnormal ultrasound or abnormal chromosome findings. We know that this unexpected news is devastating and your pending decision on whether or not to terminate is very distressing. We understand you are experiencing one of the most difficult situations in your life.

The Pregnancy Consultation Center and Medical Group is a private medical practice specializing in pregnancy termination services. Our highly skilled physicians and well-trained staff are experienced in providing comfort and assistance to women during this most difficult time. We will make every effort to help you.

We are dedicated to providing a warm, and supportive environment. We are a caring and well-trained staff of professionals capable of meeting your specific needs.

Additional fetal indication services include:

  • Fetal hand and/or footprints
  • Arrangements of chromosome analysis, if indicated

Should you have any additional questions regarding our fetal indication program or have any additional requests, please fell free to contact our office at your earliest convenience (916) 446-0222, or send us an email.

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